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"Comunità Domenico Tardini" Association






The Association was founded on the principles put forward by Cardinal Domenico Tardini. He felt called to devote himself to children - to whom Jesus attributed the highest dignity in the Kingdom of Heaven -, and to serve the material and moral needs of people, for our Lord felt compassion for them because they were "weary like sheep without a shepherd". In 1946, Mgr Tardini created Villa Nazareth to take in the orphans and children of large and poor families and "with his subtle sensitivity identified the most outstanding gifts of the intellect and heart that God had given to each of them so generously. And he was anxious for these talents to be used in special vocations for the apostolate, at the service of the Church and for the good of society". These were the words used by John XXIII in his motu proprio of 13 January 1963 to create the "Holy Family of Nazareth Foundation, to be known as Villa Nazareth". Drawing on the example of Cardinal Tardini and their familiarity with him, the first generation that grew up in Villa Nazareth were inspired with genuine fellowship which, after 1969, developed into an experience of community life among these young people and a group of co-workers and friends of the Cardinal. In 1980, wishing to live the ideal of Villa Nazareth firsthand, they created the Association in order to offer other young people the same welcome and Christian life educational experience that they had been given. On 24 May 2004, the Pontifical Council for the Laity issued the decree recognising the "Comunità Domenico Tardini" Association as an association of the faithful.



The Association is made up of lay people and clergy, who undertake to live the Christian meaning of their own existence. This consists of following the disciples on the road to Emmaus and gradually welcoming Jesus’ revelation of Himself, through the Word and the Eucharist; to be able to recognise him as the Way, the  Truth and the Life; respect for freedom of the person created in the image of God and redeemed in Christ; the value of culture to be able to serve others by promoting a close relationship between maturity in the faith and cultural maturity; to be able to offer assistance to young people and to those who are culturally deprived. The members of the Association are called to bear witness to these values in their own lives and in their professional work, endeavouring to identify needs in their home regions, and cooperating in the projects of their local churches.



The Association is governed by the Assembly which meets once a year and which lays down policies and general guidelines, elects the Vice President, the members of the Board and the Auditors; the President who represents the Association, chairs the Assembly and the meetings of the Board; the Vice President, who works with the President to implement resolutions; and the Board made up of the President, the Vice President and 10 board members, which manages the  Association.



The Association provides ideas and financial support for the educational work of Villa Nazareth which takes in students, male and female, in its university College which is recognised by the Italian government, through the Fondazione Comunità Domenico Tardini Onlus. The members of the Association are committed to sharing with the students the values of their professions and occupations, their social responsibility and their experience of Christian life. Some of them provide voluntary educational and organisational services for the College on both a permanent and a temporary basis.





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