Communicating the Beauty of Human Love


In Bari, the educational project for the affectivity of the young, sponsored by the Forum of Families in collaboration with the Italian Union of Catholic Teachers, has been launched

Five stages, including theory and workshops to educate the youngest in their discovery of affectivity, structure the educational course around the theme “Communicating the Beauty of Human Love” which is being held at the Scuola dei Fiori, in Bari, and will conclude in May 2017. Puglia’s Forum of Families and Italian Union of Catholic Teachers in collaboration with the Catholic University of Milan, the University of Bari and the University of Salento, offer this course to parents, teachers and educators of affectivity and sexuality.

“The goal—the promoters explain—is to create a network of educators aware of the importance of their task with respect to the new generations and eager to introduce into schools, including via the project “Get involved in School”, educational proposals capable of effectively supporting children, adolescents and young people as they search for their own identity, affectivity and sexuality.”

The five modules of the course consist of laboratory work as well as lectures focused on the integration of cognitive, emotional, and operational aspects through narrative and autobiographical methodologies. Having begun last week with the module “The Adult and the Educational Task,” the course will continue with the module “The Person in Relation”, on 11 and 12 March, in which Tonino Cantelmi (Gregorian University) and Loredana Perla (University of Bari) will intervene.

The third module on “Being a Man and Being a Woman: The Beauty of the Difference” is scheduled for 1 and 2 April, with the psychotherapist Marco Scicchitano and the president of Puglia’s Forum of Families, Lodovica Carli.

“The Basic Questions” is the theme that will be dealt with on 29 April, in a report by Fr. José Noriega Bastos (Pontifical John Paul II Institute), the educationist Giustina Colella and Alessandra Augelli (Catholic University of Milan). On April 30, continuing the same module, Giuseppe Mari (Catholic University of Milan) will speak.

The fifth module on “Love at the time of the social networks. But is educating really possible?” will begin on on 27 May, with the presence of Bruno Mastroianni (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross) and Gianluigi De Palo, President of the National Forum of Family Associations, and conclude on the following day with lectures by Marcello Tempesta (University of Salento) and Lucrezia Stellacci, president of the Italian Union of Catholic Teachers.



28 February 2017