Building the Faith on Solid Bases

In Slovakia, a new two-year school of formation for young lay people has been launched

A new educational project for pastoral animators working with young people has been launched by the diocese of Nitra in collaboration with Constantine the Philosopher University: registration is open until September 29th for the young people up to the age of 17 who want to “deepen their knowledge of the truths of faith.”

Starting in November, the School for Animators will offer sixteen weekends of teaching and training distributed over the next two years. The educational plan will focus on the fundamental pillars of the Catholic faith, the theological and spiritual tradition, and the philosophical and anthropological visions of human existence and development.

“We have launched this project based on the knowledge of the needs of parishes where, especially in recent years—the project’s promoters explain—we have seen a new impetus among young people who want to give their faith a solid foundation and influence the environment in which they live. We want to help them cultivate this desire by offering them an adequate ecclesial formation.”


27 September 2017