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Projects, pilgrimages, workshops, and TV series: the initiatives of the Archdiocese of Toledo for families
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“To offer help in deepening the call to holiness in family life.” This idea is the source of the proposals made by the delegation of Family and Life of the Archdiocese of Toledo, which repeats its commitment to the family with workshops, projects, pilgrimages, and entertainment programs.

First of all, a catalog containing information on all family pastoral resources along with the addresses has been made available by the Diocese. The first of the events, will be on 10 February, in the parish of Saints Just and Rufina, the “Family Night”, a prayer meeting that will begin at 10:00 pm and continue with a pilgrimage, said the promoters, to bring “Jesus’ infinite mercy” into the streets of the city of Toledo. The Group “Santa Teresa,” for separated women, will meet from 12 to 18 February in Toledo’s St. John of the Cross Parish, and this year’s “Via Rockmantica”—a catechetical and cultural itinerary for newlyweds—is also being launched.

In addition, the diocese’s Office for the Pastoral of Health Care has organized with Fr. Benigno Blanco and Fr. Jesús Poveda, a study-day on gender ideology, scheduled for 25 February. On the same day, at 5:00 pm, the diocesan Delegation for Adolescence and Youth will hold a meeting exclusively for couples in St. John of the Cross Parish. The relics of Saints Luis Martin and Celia Guerin will be in the parishes of Ciruelos and Orgaz throughout the month of February. During the same period, the diocesan V-channel will air “The Joy of Love” (or stream over www.rtvd.org), on Mondays at 10:00 pm, and the series “Bebet-AB” will focus on Providence, while help will be proposed to parents in the religious accompaniment of their children between 0 and 6 years with “Laboratory Nazareth”, a program for children up to the age of 6 years (casting is open).

Finally, on 4 March, Toledo will host the Festival for Women and Life, during which the CD “In the shop in Nazareth” will be presented; on the same occasion, fabrics and garments will be collected for a sale destined to fund the project “Mater”.

For info and details: www.delegaciondefamiliayvida.com

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 The catalog of Family Ministry services  The program of the study-day on gender ideology  The itinerary of Bebet Ab on Providence





06 February 2017