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Young People of “Jeunesse-Lumière” visit the Dicastery


Fr. Daniel Ange, founder of the School of Evangelization “Jeunesse-Lumière” and some fifty young people from different countries visited the Dicastery on Monday morning, June 5th. The young people, currently in the school’s centers in France, Poland and Italy (where they have taken the name “Sentinelle del Mattino di Pasqua”) for a year-long formation, met with João Chagas and Giovanna Guerrieri of the Youth Office, together with Santiago Pérez de Camino (Head of the Church and Sport Office) and Eugénie Tcheugoue, who presented the work of the Dicastery and answered the young people’s questions.

The School of Evangelization Jeunesse-Lumière, founded in France in 1984 after the founder heard the call to take the Gospel into the world of the young, offers, alongside a variety of experiences in prayer and mission, a year of community life and formation in view of the mission of young people to other young people, there where they live (


Incontro Jeunesse-Lumière DLFV
05 June 2017