That Grace Received at the WYD in Krakow

The story of Evelyn and Rolando and of their little Lourdes, born thanks to the intercession of St. John Paul II
Testimonio Evelyn.jpg

The fruits that many young pilgrims of the WYD say they have received at the meetings throughout the world are countless, but when we read this story, we said: Why not ask Evelyn to write her testimony for our site? “Of course, I’ll write about it for you,” she replied, “The Lord’s deeds must be proclaimed!”

Evelyn, a young Salvadorian woman, active in the youth pastoral in her country for a long time, got married in 2014. However, after a few months of marriage, because she was not yet pregnant, she and her husband decided to go through a thorough examination to see if there were serious impediments to pregnancy. The different analyzes led to the diagnosis of infertility, which meant that pregnancy was virtually impossible. In 2016, as they left for the WYD in Krakow, they received “the great blessing.” Evelyn explains that they went “to spend the Days in the Dioceses in Wadowice, the city of St. John Paul II.”

Praying at the church’s baptismal font, where the Holy Pope was baptized, they were deeply moved and decided to offer everything they could during the WYD asking for the grace of fertility. Evelyn recalls, “every step we made, every place we visited, we ask the saint for his help.”

On 1 November, Evelyn found out that she was pregnant. “It's a miracle!” they said.

The little girl, Lourdes Antonella, is now four months old.

“How great is God,” Rolando writes, “for having given us this little child, a year after we prayed so much, and right on the day of our marriage anniversary... Thank you, John Paul II, for your intercession!”.

Praying before the baptismal font where Saint John Paul II was baptized
03 December 2017