“Christian Families are a Living Proclamation”

Interview of Undersecretary Ghisoni with Vatican News

“If we remember and renew the awareness of what the alliance between a man and a woman means in marriage, as well as the gifts, the fruits, the benefits that it entails for the children and for the family; if we genuinely live, in our daily lives, our vocation to be a family founded in love, we are a living proclamation, without too many words.” This was said by Linda Ghisoni, Undersecretary of the Dicastery, in an interview with Vatican News on the eve of her departure for the Dublin World Meeting of Families.

“In the face of a social context that is increasingly secularized and indifferent to religious fact and faith—she said—, as lay faithful we are called to perform acts, beyond words, to live and incarnate our Christian vocation in a way that is coherent with Baptism, with the certainty that the Lord precedes us, sustains us, and completes our actions as Christians. This attitude—she concluded—makes Christians a living proclamation; it makes them credible missionaries in their daily living environments; it makes them efficient in announcing that the Gospel lived in the family is a secret of beauty, good, and joy for all, for the Church, and for society.”





18 August 2018