Christmas 2018

Prefect Farrell’s Christmas Greetings
foto Farrell auguri.png

“Are our hearts open wide enough to welcome the words of Christ in our lives?”.  This is what our Prefect, Kevin Farrell asks us all in his video greetings message for Christmas 2018. 

“The Gospel tells us there was no room for Jesus and his family” - the Prefect continues – but if we make room for him in our hearts, we will make his birth a reality in our world today, we will give substance to the arrival of this Child who came to save us.  I ask you to reflect on this and celebrate this great event with joy and happiness”. In conclusion, the Prefect expressed his hope that Jesus will bring everyone   “peace, love and compassion.  God bless you and a Happy Christmas to everyone”.

Below, the Prefect’s video greetings message and those in various languages by the Church Superiors and some Dicastery officials.



25 December 2018