Accompaniment and Guidance in the Face of Unfavourable Diagnoses

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There are already three hundred participants registered for the conference “Yes to life! Caring for the Precious Gift of Life in its Frailness”, to be held in Rome from 23rd to 25th May next.

In the video we are publishing, Prof. Gabriella Gambino, Undersecretary of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, explains the objectives of the Conference, organized by the Dicastery in conjunction with the Italian Non-Profit Foundation Il Cuore in una goccia.

Today it’s important to learn about the new technologies available in perinatal medicine that can provide an answer to the pain afflicting parents faced with an unfavourable prenatal diagnosis. Therefore, the goal of the Conference is to show that it is possible to accompany the parents of an unborn baby affected by a serious disability or condition, perhaps including a diagnosis of incompatibility with life and rescue them from the solitude in which they often find themselves owing to lack of guidance. Thus, the Conference will be a time for information and learning to show just how important it is at pastoral level to implement initiatives, make places of support and guidance available where competent and informed persons truly know how to accompany couples experiencing this trial in their lives.

24 April 2019
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