Inside the "Christus vivit"

The Ripe Fruit of the Youth Synod

A message for all young people in the world, inspired "by the wealth of reflections and conversations that emerged from last year’s Synod”, that refers to all young people without distinction, Catholics or not, and that must reach all young people. This is the Apostolic Exhortation Christus vivit, at the centre of reflection during this second day of works at the XI International Youth Forum organized by the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life.

A Lectio divina by Professor Rosalba Manes on the Gospel text of the disciples from Emmaus – “And their eyes were opened” Lk 24,31, quoted five times in the Apostolic exhortation  – prepared the hearts of the over 250 young delegates for the day’s work.

Not scheduled in the programme, the greeting by Linda Ghisoni, Under Secretary of the Dicastery fpr Laity, : "each of you is a witness of Christ, who lives in you and this will change the world”, she said.

To an “itinerant catechist” like Prof. Robert Cheaib, professor of fundamental theology, a layman, married and father of three children, went the task of opening the treasure chest of Christus vivit: "What is the essence of Christianity?  It begins with L, but it is not to love: it is being loved. […] The very first truth is that God loves you. God does not want anything from me but wants something for me. . God does not want to use us, he wants to make us flower”.

A very special document, very alive, the reception of which in the different realities on the five continents has been analysed during the debates of the delegates and the youth pastoral care operators  attending the Forum-  Therefore, we have come to know who is translating the Apostolic Exhortation into the Indonesian language  – a young woman – who, from a small village, has begun to spread the message to the entire nation and heard many requests to start action; as Paul from the United States reminded us “now is the time to score a goal”. And a fruit of the Synod and the Christus vivit was clearly seen in the activities of the working groups  during the afternoon: the young delegates feel they are protagonists in the Church, they appreciate the attention the Church is dedicating to them and they are ready to answer the call of God with all their enthusiasm

A significant moment of the day was the Holy Corpus Christi Mass celebrated by Father Alexandre Awi Mello, who focussed his homily on the Spanish word PANES, declined as Partecipation (participation), Alegría (rejoicing), Networking (ability to create a network), Espiritualidad (spirituality) and in conclusion Servicio (service). And there was still time for the Eucharistic Adoration and to express to the Lord with prayer and personal reflection all our gratitude for these days.

20 June 2019