When science and faith are allies in supporting life

From 23rd to 24th May in Rome, an international conference on the defence of nascent human life in extremely frail conditions

The Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life has organized an international conference on the defence of nascent human life in extremely frail conditions., together with the non-profit organization “Il Cuore in una Goccia” and with the support of the Knights of Colombus.

The aim is to offer realistic and replicable models of medical and, above all, pastoral care from conception onwards and to show the Church’s closeness to families to whom, only too often, the only alternative suggested is abortion.

The Conference is to be held at the “Augustinianum” Conference Centre (Via Paolo VI, 25).   There will be about 400 people attending from 70 countries representing Episcopal Conferences, Dioceses and many families, along with doctors and experts in the field of perinatal care.

The aim of the Conference is to approach, in a realistic and practical way the fundamental moment in the life of every couple, that of expecting a child. Even when the life about to be born is extremely fragile, perinatal medicine now offers extraordinary opportunities for assistance.  In order not to abandon families living such a delicate moment, it is necessary for pastoral workers to be close to them and offer the spiritual consolation necessary to people in pain: science and faith can be allies to accompany couples and families experiencing the birth of a child with serious illnesses or disabilities, because to accompany them with love is always possible.

Pope Francis has affirmed that in every situation life is a gift and an “opportunity to grow in love , mutual aid and unity” (Amoris Laetitia, 47).  From this perspective, the bonding between mother and child that is generated from the very first instant is a reality to be guarded carefully.


Journalists and media operators who intending participate must send a request 24 hours prior to the event by using the Vatican Press Room on-line Accreditation System at the following address: press.vatican.va/accreditamenti

For further information

Vittorio Scelzo

+39 328 5938388




Taking care of the precious gift of life in its frailness

International Conference 23-25 May

“Augustininianum” Conference Centre

Via Paolo VI, 25 – 00193 Rome

21 May 2019
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