A proposal for training in Bioethics

Registration now open for 2nd level university master's degree in Bioethics and Formation
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The Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute and the Italian Catholic University of the Sacred Heart are re-launching for the next academic biennium 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 the course for a Master's Degree in Bioethics and Formation. The course takes place in a mixed online and in-presence mode in Rome, at the John Paul II Institute and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

The Master's degree aims to provide rigorous and interdisciplinary academic training on philosophical-anthropological, legal and moral issues concerning interventions on human life, in relation to scientific and technological development, and to provide the appropriate tools to place bioethical issues in various educational (aiming at the formation of trainers) and advisory (ethics committees, ethical consultations) contexts. It is intended for physicians, health and social workers, teachers, legal and communication professionals.

Knowledge of the methodology of bioethical reflection, as well as the fundamentals of the Church's Magisterium, are essential elements today in order to be able to reflect and argue, in light of right reason, in relation to the main issues of fundamental, practical and clinical bioethics and to promote the dignity of the person and respect for human life.


29 July 2022