Helping young people understand the value of every human life

Our fifth podcast presents “Keys to Bioethics”, a manual to explore some of the most topical issues in bioethics


The fifth of the six podcasts produced by the Dicastery is now available online in Italian and English. The theme is “Keys to Bioethics” an e-book downloadable on smartphones.

Several bioethics issues enter our homes all the time: on one hand, we see practices that are not respecting the dignity of human life, including abortion, in vitro fertilization, euthanasia, and assisted suicide; on the other hand we see the progress of biomedical practices which are developing new therapies in the form of assisting every day care for the good of the patient, including organ transplants, use of stem cells, and palliative care.

Keys to Bioethics - using first time digital format on the occasion of WYD in Panama in 2019 - helps us in answering these questions in greater depth. It is a practical up-to-date manual which answers the questions young people have when faced with the challenges which are caused by scientific and technological progress. These are clear, yet comprehensive answers on bioethical and moral issues that help young people grasp the beauty and uniqueness of every human life.

After the podcast on the elderly, on IYAB - International Youth Advisory Body -, on the Cathecumenal Pathways for Married Life, and on the Apostolate of the Laity, the next and final podcast of this series will be on ecclesial movements and Associations.

It is possible to listen to all the podcast on our official Youtube channel or on Spotify.

04 December 2023