Pope Francis: “The Church has the strength of young people. I'll see you in Lisbon”

In a video message released today, the Holy Father invites young people to World Youth Day


“Prepare yourselves with that enthusiasm. Have hope, because one grows a lot at an event like WYD.” This is Pope Francis' invitation in a video message to young people in view of the World Youth Day, which will be celebrated in Lisbon in August.

“There are three months to go – says the Pope - I can imagine the things you must have on your mind, how you’re going to: make it happen, request your work or study permit, get what you need for your trip, so many concerns… but always looking toward the horizon, that dream, it is exciting”.

“We may not yet realize it – he adds – "but things remain within us, values remain, relationships built with young people from other countries, encounters, everything remains within and especially seeing the strength of youth, the Church has the strength of young people”.

The Pope concludes the video message with a piece of advice, or better yet, "a secret: in order to prepare well, it helps to look at your roots by meeting with your elders. Many of you have grandparents, go and visit them and ask them: 'Was there a Youth Day in your day?' Certainly not. ‘What do you think I must do?’ Talk to your grandparents, because they give you wisdom, but you - his final wish - always go forward”.


04 May 2023