The spotlight is on the youth

The Dicastery's second podcast describes the IYAB
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The second episode of the series of six podcasts produced by the Dicastery is now online, in English and Portuguese. The theme of this episode is the IYAB, the International Youth Advisory Board, that since 2019 supports the Dicastery in the pastoral care of young people around the world and will be in Lisbon for the World Youth Day.

The previous podcast, "Grandparents and the Elderly," presented the Holy Father's Message for the III World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly and was released in conjunction with the event last Sunday.

Upcoming episodes, featuring stories related to the issues of family, human life, lay people and church movements, will be published from September to December.

You can listen or re-listen to the podcasts on the Dicastery website, the official Youtube channel and the Spotify platform.




27 July 2023