#laityfamilylife -The Podcast

Six episodes to illustrate the Dicastery that Pope Francis has called to be close to the women and men of our time


What and, more importantly, whom does a Vatican Dicastery that works "for Laity, Family and Life" take care of? To what kind of closeness does Pope Francis invite when he addresses the call to be close “to the women and men of our time”?

In the podcast series starting today, the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life talks about its everyday work that affects the concrete lives of so many people: families, young people, the elderly, associations of the faithful and, more generally, lay people living in the world with their joys and burdens. From caring for families, the elderly and young people, to accompanying associations of the faithful and lay movements, to the promotion and protection of human life and the person in his or her complete development: there are numerous themes and just as many stories and activities that these 6 episodes of the #laityfamilylife The Podcast set out to tell.

The first episode, Grandparents and the Elderly, presents the Holy Father's Message for the III World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly and is being released today, Sunday, July 23, just during the celebration of the Day.

Next up, What is the IYAB? will be an episode dedicated to the youth of the International Youth Advisory Board, which has been supporting the Dicastery in the pastoral care of young people around the world since 2019 and will be in Lisbon for World Youth Day. The other episodes, which present stories related to the issues of the family, human life, lay people and Church movements, will be published from September to December.

Born from the creativity of a group of officials of the Dicastery, who - each according to their expertise on the particular topic proposed - have offered their voices and contributions to initiate reflection and stimulate the curiosity of the listener, the project of the Podcast was realized thanks also to the support of Vatican News.

You can listen to the podcasts, in Italian and in English, on the Dicastery's website, on the official Youtube channel and on the Spotify platform. 



23 July 2023