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Estudio 9, Ghisoni: Become aware that a woman’s dignity is inherent in her nature

Vatican News in dialogue with Dr Linda Ghisoni on the Holy Father's prayer intention for the month of April


On Friday 12 April, Dr Linda Ghisoni, Under-secretary of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life, participated in the programme Estudio 9 of Vatican News alongside Andrea Sarubbi, Coordinator of The Pope Video. The dialogue was conducted in Spanish.

The theme of the dialogue was the Holy Father's prayer intention for the month of April, in which he invites us to pray “that the dignity and worth of women be recognised in every culture, and for an end to the discrimination they face in various parts of the world”.

"This month's video helps us to try to respond to the Pope's invitation to overcome the inconsistency between the principles we profess and practice," said Ghisoni, "There are virtuous testimonies that our Dicastery is familiar with: associations of the faithful that carry out projects for the development of women, for example, facilitating access to micro-credit, education…and these, even if they seem like drops in an ocean, are also prophetic presences for governments, which the Holy Father addresses in the video. Today, it is necessary to consider that women themselves, aware of the dignity that is inherent in their nature – as expressed again in the Dignitas Infinita declaration of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith – become catalysts of cultural innovation and awareness, to see their rights and their distinctiveness recognised at all levels".

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17 April 2024