The International Centre of the Focolare Movement meets the Dicastery

A presentation of future projects for and with young people, including GenFest 2024


The Secretary of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, Dr Gleison De Paula Souza, together with officials from the youth area of the Dicastery, welcomed the group from the International Centre of the Focolare Movement, responsible for organising GenFest 2024. After conveying the greetings of the Prefect, Card. Kevin Farrell, De Paula Souza presented the work of the Dicastery and, in particular, of the area that deals with young people, which is at the forefront of helping the Holy Father to accompany the youth of the world.

Those in charge of the International Centre of the Focolare Movement spoke about the reality of young people, Catholics, Orthodox, of other confessions and faiths and non-believers, who live at the International Centre through examples of experiences of service and internationality that characterise and enrich them. They come from countries such as Brazil, Portugal, China, Korea, Mexico, Sierra Leone, Poland, Russia, Egypt and Venezuela.

A world united is possible

After recounting the experiences and emotions lived during World Youth Day in Lisbon, the group presented the 12th edition of GenFest 2024: "A United World is Possible".

The meeting of thousands of young people from all over the world, from different ethnic groups, cultures and religions, guided by the idea of building a more united and fraternal world, will take place from 12 to 24 July in Aparecida, Brazil, and will be divided into three phases: the first characterised by social action and involving volunteer and service experiences in various social organisations in Latin America; the second phase represents the actual central event in the Brazilian city; finally, the third phase involves the creation of Pathways Communities, meeting spaces to create networks and communities of practice aimed at achieving a more united world, on topics such as economics and work, interculturalism and dialogue, spirituality and human rights, health and ecology, art and social commitment, education and research, communication and media, active citizenship and politics with the aim of promoting dialogue through the exchange of experiences and talents.

The values of fraternity and peace: a flame for communities

The wish expressed by the Secretary at the end of the meeting was that "the experiences of synodality, the values of fraternity and peace be a flame that every young person takes back with them to their communities".


22 January 2024