A volume to reflect on the role and the mission of grandparents, "the family’s memory"


Grandparents are a great human, social, religious, and spiritual treasure; they are the family's memory and make it possible for the grandchildren to develop roots that give meaning to life, save them from loneliness, and help them to maintain the union of the family's generations.

This premise is the source of "The Vocation of the Grandparents", the book authored by Robert Kimball and Maria Carmen Zurbano, European presidents of the Christian Family Movement. The volume has seven sections: "Being grandparents today," "The grandparents in society: past, present, and future," "The Christian vocation of the grandparents," "The religious life of the grandparents," "The main challenges for grandparents," "The grandparents' role as educators in the family and in the Church," and "Being grandparents at the sunset of life." At the end of each chapter, a questionnaire is proposed along with guidelines for prayer intended for grandparents who would like to reflect, individually or in groups, on the valuable contribution they can make for their grandchildren, who, now more than ever, need a presence that recalls the family and the experience of faith.

03 April 2017