The Family’s Clock

Ignatian spirituality proposes a new tool to support families
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“A tool to promote every family project, under any circumstances”—“The Family’s Clock” is a book by Fernando Vidal, director of the University Institute of Family Studies of the Pontifical University of Comillas, born of the Ignatian Experience of the Community of Christian Life in Spain.

“We came to realize—says an editorial note—that there was a need for a tool that could help every type of family, both believing and non-believing. The one proposed here is not a method developed in laboratory studies but generated by the real life of real people: the family’s clock is woven with the experience of hundreds of real families who engage in practical exercises that strengthen dialogue and sharing.

The family’s clock—the note continues—is, above all, a tool capable of strengthening bonds, expressing gratitude, offering reconciliation, adopting the same pace: in short, synchronizing in the same time zone.”

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05 October 2017