Women and Rights

Commission on the status of women: Focus on education and integral development in the era of ideological colonization
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Women, particularly those living in rural areas of the world, were the protagonists in New York at the recent conference of the UN Commission on the status of women.

Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, said that there is a need to provide women with the “conditions necessary to make their potential flourish and bear fruit” Now, from an economic point of view, “this means guaranteeing equal rights in access to land, water, seeds, legal contracts, the market, and finances,” but also the right to be nourished and cared for in an appropriate manner, and the possibility of higher education to cultivate talents.

Opening the event on the theme “Promoting the Integral Development of Rural Women and Girls in Africa in the Era of Ideological Colonization,” the Archbishop emphasized that Pope Francis has repeatedly highlighted the problem of “ideological colonization,” i.e., the practice through which the most powerful and rich nations, agencies, and foundations force countries once colonized by military or economic means to accept certain practices concerning sexuality, life, and family as conditions for development aid. And this has happened above all in Africa.

The Observer said that the UN is debating a lot about the importance of not leaving anyone behind and blocking discrimination against women and people with disabilities. Yet, great violations are tolerated, in particular selective abortions after genetic tests that provide information on the sex and pathologies of the unborn child.

The event was also attended by Akech Aimba, who deals with post-abortion counseling in Kenya and spoke of “ideological bullying” by Western organizations that set up “illegal abortion clinics” in rural Kenya and train young doctors in Nairobi to practice pregnancy interruptions “to get easy money.” Furthermore, Mrs. Aimba added, “to broaden the client base for abortions, irresponsible sexual behavior is promoted” through contraception. Joy Brenda Mdivo, a lawyer from Nairobi, echoed her, confirming that the “ideological colonization” in Africa also takes place in the form of a “sex education” that encourages sexual experimentation among the youngest.


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08 April 2018