Lay Faithful

Transformed and transformers in the Parishes and in Society

Undersecretary Ghisoni at the meeting of Acción Católica General in Spain
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How are we to be laypersons who transform the world and the society in which we are living? It was this question that inspired Undersecretary Linda Ghisoni’s talk at the end of the Meeting of the Parish Lay Faithful organized in Avila by Acción Católica General on the theme “Making God’s Dream Come True”. 

“We cannot think about being lay transformers of the realities in which we are living and working if we are not first transformed ourselves,” – explained the Undersecretary addressing the circa 750 laymen and women attending from 45 dioceses in Spain, accompanied during the meeting by ten bishops and about fifty priests.. “And we are truly transformed” – she continued – “, but we need to become aware that being lay faithful means living as baptized persons: that we carry in us the gift of being reborn, called and sent forth not to bring good ideas or projects but to bear witness of the Gospel with our lives”. 

Thus, as “lay faithful aware of our baptism, our rights and duties that ensue, aware that we have been called forth, we are, by vocation, envoys” who “to live, in a healthy and aware manner, their role as protagonists deriving from baptism”, go back to the “source”, through prayer and sharing with others, by working for educational and formational development.

“As lay faithful” – she continued – “we cannot disembody ourselves from the realities in which we are living, otherwise we would be betraying our vocation”: hence the appeal that we all “ask ourselves how we can live our lives as a leaven with renewed awareness” not only “in Church environments but in those everyday places and activities, in the context of public life”.

“If we are transformed, then we will be able to establish new relationships with other, based on forgiveness, listening, patience, dialogue and acceptance.” “Ours” – concluded the Undersecretary – “is an ecclesial mission, to be lived with shared responsibility, in communion with our other brothers and sisters, with our parish priests and with our bishops”.


07 August 2019