Tomorrow’s Young People


The letter sent to us by a teacher, with the drawing of her pupils for the upcoming World Youth Day that will be celebrated in Panama in 2019, came as a nice surprise. Among other things, the teacher, Susanna, writes:

“Adhering to the desire of the Holy Father who wants laypeople to act as the living Church, it is with pleasure that I send a picture drawn by young pupils of the V Primary Solignano in Castelvetro (Modena) … I not only want to make them dream that someone in the Holy See will see the fruit of their hard work but also allow them to take part with interest in the initiatives for young people, not as spectators but as participants … (drawing) children of different ethnic groups walking on the path of WYD, holding hands thanks to the Faith they share.”

This reply was sent by the Dicastery’s office for youth:

Thank you “for having sent the project of a logo for the WYD realized by the pupils of the elementary V Solignano in Castelvetro: eloquent, lively and colorful, it is a pleasure just to see it. Congratulations to all, especially to the young artist who drew it. We appreciate, above all, the commitment with which you, personally, and your pupils have dedicated yourselves to this initiative. The heartfelt importance that you give to the World Youth Day can be felt, and we are happy about it. Please tell the kids, on behalf of all of us, that we need young people just like them! Their dedication, their creativity, and their enthusiasm are a great encouragement for our work at the service of Pope Francis. In a few years, they too can participate in the WYD and become even more active protagonists in our lively and marvelous Church, continually called by Christ to renew herself.”




03 February 2017