Close to the women and men of our times: concluding the #laityfamilylife Podcast series

De Paula Souza: “A project to enrich reflection on the issues being addressed by our Dicastery”


Today’s podcast concludes the #laityfamilylife Podcast series. The topics discussed in the series include the service provided by the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life with pastoral resources and the voices of those who work together on care for families, the elderly and the young, the accompaniment of associations of the faithful and ecclesial movements, support and protection of human life and for all individuals to help them reach their full potential.

The Secretary of the Dicastery, Mr. Gleison De Paula Souza, tells us that “it is a simple and effective project that has been made available to bishops, pastoral workers and others. People often ask us for tools and suggestions that could enrich reflection on the issues of encouraging the life and apostolate of the lay faithful, the pastoral care of young people, the family and its mission according to God's plan, and for the protection and support of human life”. He said that “it was made possible through the creativity and collaboration of a group of Dicastery officials who have lent their voices and input to stimulate the curiosity of the listener.”

In this last episode we look at how the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life accompanies associations of the faithful, ecclesial movements and new communities. There is careful and constant pastoral work in getting to know and accompany each of these organisations from their foundation, development and growth and their life and mission.

All the episodes:

-       The first episode was launched to coincide with the publication of the Holy Father's Message for the 3rd World Day of Grandparents and Older People. It commented on the message dedicated to the need for “a new alliance between young and old”, so that in this fruitful exchange “we learn about the beauty of life, we help create a society of fellowship, and we in the Church enable encounter and dialogue to take place between tradition and the newness of the Spirit”.

-       The second podcast speaks about the IYAB (International Youth Advisory Board) which is a wonderful resource for the Church. It features the voices of its young members. Through their service they are making a concrete contribution to building up a synodal Church.

-       The third episode presented “Catechumenal Itineraries for Married Life”. This is a document that is beginning to be used in dioceses and parishes around the world. It is an effective tool to help change the way vocations to marriage are proclaimed.

-       The topic of the lay apostolate was the subject of the fourth podcast. “The apostolate of the laity is first and foremost about witnessing. It is to give testimony of our own experience, history, witness of prayer, witness of service to those in need, witness of closeness to the poor, closeness to the lonely and witness of hospitality, especially on the part of families.” This is how Pope Francis expressed it when speaking to those responsible in bishops’ conferences for the pastoral care of the laity. They came from all the continents of the world in February 2023, and this address was given during a meeting organised by the Dicastery. The podcast retraces the stages of that major event.

-       In the fifth episode, there was a presentation of the book 'Keys to Bioethics'. This is a practical and up-to-date handbook that answers the questions that young people ask when faced with the challenges posed by scientific and technological progress. They are clear, simple and comprehensive answers on bioethical and moral issues that help young people grasp the truth about the beauty and uniqueness of every human life.

The Podcast project was also made possible with the support of Vatican News.

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22 December 2023